Sunday, 6 November 2011

cobweb blowing

Last week I was still on half term, the half term week with the children flew by and we spent it half going out on trips and the other half just being at home. They both needed those quiet days more than ever.
So last week I had no big plans just coordinated it so that the first two days were the out and about days while the rest of the week was spent at home.
I spent a whole day reshuffling the back room as it was still not right. Moving furniture by yourself is hard going but I rather enjoy it.
As a child I spent many weekends reshuffling my bedroom which also meant a good clear up too. I loved it at the end when everything was spick and span!
So once furniture was moved I sorted and cleared out mostly my wools which had gathered into 2 large baskets (there are a further box and 2 other baskets in the front room!) So you can understand my need for stash busting!

I found things long forgotten and unfinished, one being a stash of my very first granny squares - I made loads (71 squares in total) but never put them together. I can really see how my crochet has come on and at the time putting them together probably seemed impossible!
So what to do with them? 
Do I crochet them into a blanket or just do yards and yards of bunting?

Nancy and I decided a quick local walk was in order to blow away some cobwebs. I was beginning to think how easy it would be to become a hermit, 2 days seeing no one but the family, just me and Moo with the odd visit from Ollie cat! 

On my doorstep is Wanstead Park - a beautiful place with ponds, open fields as well as forest.  There is now nothing left of Wanstead House which once stood within the grounds although the Temple still stands as does a very derelict Grotto which is slowly being saved.
So we ambled around the park following the paths around the ponds, we decided not to get too close to a massive swan who stood his ground. I'd seen him earlier in the week with Moo and he stood his ground in exactly the same spot!!

It was beautiful and just what was needed. This week will be different as there is much more going on - particularly 2 new hens to our household. I shall be fretting for the next few days while they battle out the pecking order... but that's another post!

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