Tuesday, 21 February 2012

playing with yarn

I've been generally faffing about playing with yarn after finished the red shawl.
I had quite a bit of problems following the pattern for this shawl. Each row was different to the last and it was very complicated. I had to rip back most of the bobbles as I hadn't read the pattern right so hadn't started to add in the next 'V's'
It hurts to rip back so much! 
Confession ~ I never finished the pattern. I still had about 5/6 more rows to do but it was very painful and I'd quite simply had enough!
The pattern says to wet and block aggressively and indeed it needed it. It was bulging where the leaf shapes were. I wasn't convinced it would go flat but wetting it certainly helped.

I have been after a wool winder for a while as I've been put off buying hanks of yarn online so decided to check Ebay out and managed to win one that came with this old metal swift. Lucky me! So I've been winding away and getting some kind offers of help... really they just wanted to see how quick they can make the swift fly off its stand with me continuously yelling 'Stop!' and untangling it all!

 I'm now playing around with bits of yarn and working through The 200 Crochet Blocks book making pretty flower squares and just generally trying out new things. Maybe I'll get them together at some point to make a crocheted patchwork quilt.

 Oh and then there was these... Laura won the crocheted flower give away and had requested a pair so seeing as I promised I set too... THE earmuffs I think mine are slightly bigger due to using chunky wool. We've been joking they would be good as a bikini top or maybe belt or curtain tie backs ~ very multi use earmuffs.
Who'd have thought!?

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Things Hand Made said...

Ooh, crocheted woollen bikini, now there's a thought. I think you might have started something!