Tuesday, 1 May 2012

plants, crochet and Moo

Its been a pretty wet few weeks here in London. In fact the minute they announced the hosepipe ban it hasn't stopped raining. But its not enough, so we should be thankful that the trees and plants are getting a good start.

 I went back to work last week - a week later than most. I was amazed that in the 3 weeks holiday the horse chestnuts were in full leaf and flowering. They look glorious but they will soon turn brown as they are all infected with the leaf mining moth which makes them brown and appear to be dying in July/August. 

 I spent my extra weeks holiday with a day at galleries. Tate Britain for Migration and the Picasso exhibitions, then Tate Modern for Damien Hirst. I absolutely love his butterfly wallpaper but at £250 a roll I don't think I could stand to paper it in the house and then one day move! It would have to be done on sheets of ply so I could take it with me!! I resisted and didn't buy any though, my purse was thankful!
Another day, well actually two, was spent at the garden centre. I do two trips every year quite close together, the first trip I buy cautiously only replacing the geraniums on the window ledges in the front garden and buying some gorgeous lavenders.

 The second trip is to buy more geraniums, as I never buy enough, some trailing plants, which are mostly geraniums too, and any other plant that takes my eye!
You can tell I like geraniums can't you? I love their leaves, their smell and their vivid colours. My eyes actually hurt with the vicious pink that filled the greenhouse - not to mention the scarlet!

I spent a glorious sunny day planting my new plants into pots. I had to buy a couple new pots this year as I came to realise I'd lost quite a few over the last couple of years due to the harsh winters we've had but I'd had them a long time. The garden now has some colour and the hanging baskets are hung in the old apple tree. All we need are some sunny days - come on!

Moo has a new bed, this is now her daytime bed as she's finding it hard to jump up onto the sofa where she has her cushion. Poor thing, its awful to watch her standing up, she really struggles, but once she's up she's fine. She still jumps up as she can see out of the window and hates to miss out! Long gone are the days when she would lie along the back of the sofa in the window watching the world go by and waiting our return.

On the crochet front, my garden twine bag is complete, I just need to stitch along the handle so its folded together and to wet it so it tightens and shrinks up. Then, well I'm not sure. Its come out softer than I thought and doesn't support itself. So not sure whether to attach the drawstring fabric just to the rim or actually line the whole bag. If I do the latter I'm thinking of putting a support in so the basket keeps its shape better.
I also finished the shell scarf out of Drops Delight yarn. Its just a narrow but long loop that can be wrapped more or less, depending on how cold it is! It's a great ombre'd shade of jeans blue so pretty much goes with everything.

Moo in the garden.


Nina said...

Ah Bless the old girl & her new bed! She really is an old lady now. I bet the garden looks very lush with all the rain. I think you've had more than us for a change!

Garden Girl said...

moo is so beautiful, a proper cutie.Your geraniums have inspired a shopping trip.x