Tuesday, 8 May 2012

shawl with a splice

I finished another shawl this week. Stupidly I didn't adjust the amount of foundation chains to the weight of my yarn so it came out longer than it should have done. I also didn't do the full width and kept it narrower as I preferred to keep it light weight, the pattern is for a much shorter but wider shawl wrap but I'm pleased the way its come out as I think its a bit more versatile. The pattern is from the Japanese pattern book, Easy Crochet Complete in 3 Days.
I love the yarn, its Drops Alpaca and incredibly soft and light, the pattern was easy too despite it repeating every 3 rows and steadily increasing. The only thing that did make it difficult was splicing myself with the bread knife while, No, not cutting bread but a plastic tub for Franks Art homework! I should know better as its not the first time I've done such a thing. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to cuts, more so on myself. It was quite bad and took ages to stop bleeding, I really think I should have had it glued or something but hey, I'm a Mum - no time for that! And anyway I hadn't finished cutting the tub, how would this homework get finished? So I used scissors to finish the job. 
Do you want to know what he was making?
It was a bar that lit up... of course! F+T have to design their dream room in a shoe box!
I didn't have many plasters and certainly not big enough for the job, the few IKEA ones I had were used up but a friend kindly gave me a Pepper Pig one and I have now restocked my own supply with Mr Men ones. There's no need to be boring with plain plasters now is there?

This weekend we set off to mooch about Brick Lane market where Atlantis Art Shop is. I haven't been for a few years but this shop is just amazing, filled with everything and more. I Left feeling very inspired.
a wall of pastels
 The market had its usual array of stuff. Gorgeous foods from everywhere in the world. F+T bought themselves a enormous Malteser whooppie pie.

We watched as a guy played 2 games of chess simultaneously and Ted declined his offer to play, even when the guy said he'd let him win!

We queued for fresh bagels, rye bread and hot salt beef sandwiches and ate them for lunch - delicious!

 There are lots of vintage and retro shops now in Brick Lane, I managed to get a little time rooting through but not enough for my liking.With M,F + T in tow there was only so much sighing/tutting/moaning I could take while I pondered over embroidered tablecloths and such like. I shall return without them and relish mooching in my own time.

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Things Hand Made said...

Sounds a great outing. I am for ever cutting my finger on the bread knife, it's good to know its not just me!