Friday, 1 June 2012


I was given a Herman the German Friendship Cake the other week by a friend, I'd heard a lot about them recently and was intrigued.

There was a a programme on Radio 4 recently which did make me laugh!
He is so simple to do, you only have to stir him once a day and feed him flour, sugar and milk a couple of times over a period of 10 days. These things take moments! 

On the final day you feed him with the flour, sugar and milk then divide into 5 equal parts, keeping one you then give the rest away and so Herman lives on. I only managed to give 2 away but made 2 Herman cakes - a chocolate Herman with extra chocolate chip and a banana and chocolate chip. They were divine, seriously worth the 10 days of nurture! 

Double chocolate Herman.
So delish was the banana and choc chip one that I didn't get a photo.

The other one I am trying to keep in the fridge to slow him down.  We shall see if he can keep going as long as M's sourdough bread starter as we've had it for a couple of years now and makes the best bread.
You can read about Herman here.

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Things Hand Made said...

Herman fever hit here about a month. We went for apple and raisin which was great with custard. The second one we had died!
Have a good weekend