Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics Week 2

Today is the final day of the Olympics. How has it come to an end so quickly? I'm not sure what I shall do with myself next week!
This week started off with a very early start to the day as we headed over to Eton Dorney to watch the Canoe and Kayak Sprint. It was a long trek and although we had great second row seats there wasn't much to see, apart from the ten seconds as they dashed past in a haze of paddles. It was hard to tell who was who and we had to watch the big screen.

We took a morning out to the V&A to see the Heatherwick Studio, Designing the Extraordinary exhibition. These were the people who designed the Olympic cauldron which was so spectacular.
I hadn't realised they had designed so many things I'd seen, like these roundabouts I've always loved just off the A13.

This amazing design application for the Olympic Velodrome.

 There were also bridges that could curl up like fronds on a fern which F+T loved. They have also redesigned the London Routemaster buses - the hop on/off buses. Frank is keen to go on one so I think a trip into town in search of one will be in order next week. 

 Whilst competing in my marathon of Olympic telly watching I have finished a hat (excuse the awful, scruffy hair!) although I don't particularly like the pink colour so it will be tweaked with some dye. I have bought some gorgeous new yarn for a new project I shall be starting soon - hexagons! 
I've also started a Bobble Blanket which is very, very bright but have been told (mostly by the bright colour loving Ted) that its really nice and that he would have it!

Another trip into town took us to the Royal Opera House to see The Olympic Journey, The Story of the Games exhibition. It was ok, we were ushered into each room in a group the first few being a little stark, maybe it was the heat but we didn't feel inspired. Things were better once we reached the rooms with all the Olympic torches and medals. The medals since 1928 and 1968 were pretty much identical, varying in size with one year being rectangular shaped, but since 1972 the host city could design one side. The 2012 medals are the biggest so far - they are huge compared to past years.

Afterwards we walked through Covent Garden to Leicester Square for a long ago promise to the M+M shop where I was fleeced for bags of M+M's!

Walking through the square the trees have been adorned with medals. They have been hanging them in the trees for every medal Team GB win. It's amazing and I'm glad we stumbled on it as I hadn't known about it.

Stonehenge came to us in Wanstead yesterday - a life size bouncy castle version. 'Sacrilege' is part of London 2012 Festival and made by Jeremy Deller and has been travelling around the country. I was with Frank and he refused to go on it as it was 'full of little kids and people trying to do flips and failing' Ahh teenage embarrassment! I was so keen to show him my own gymnastics after watching it on telly... ah well.

I shall miss the Olympic Games although the Paralympic Games will start in a few weeks so until then. 
My days be more productive. 
Sitting in the garden with the telly, shouting cheering at Team GB.
I will miss the daily trips of the airship as it flies to and from the Olympic Park as well as the police and tv crew helicopters that circle.
The general friendliness of everyone, I'm a northerner and have missed this!
Stumbling upon random Olympic things in the streets of London.

 Next week will be full of getting sorted for the return to school, much needed haircuts. New shoes and trainers, shirts and trousers and the sorting out of pencil cases and school bags dumped in the cupboard still full of stuff from the last day of school.

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