Monday, 20 August 2012

Post Olympic week.

The post Olympic week has been very quiet. We had one day out for haircuts and shopping for shoes, trainers, stationary and shirt and trousers. Money just dribbled through my fingers that day!
So there were no more trips for the rest of the week although the children were happy to be doing their own thing and being at home. They've gone out for a bike ride every day, used up their gaming/computer time and played boardgames - usually Monopoly as we have 4 different versions! They have gone off to friends or invited them over, which means I see less of them either way. 
Its been bliss.

I shall be teaching felt making for a project at school and I needed to make sure I could remember how to do it, as its been some time since I did some. So my guinea pigs were Nancy, Frank and Liv. It was a great success although I failed to photograph! 

This week saw the return of Lorraine Pascals cookery programme and of course The Great British Bake Off, almost filling the void the Olympics had left.

Frank was keen to make Lorraine's Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra cake so set about it with a little help from Ted. Its a little messy - cake mix in piping bags plus 2 pre-teens - you can imagine the rest. But the results were good!  

Saturday, Frank and I went to the Festival of Quilts. Some of the quilts were beautiful and very inspiring. I was hoping to see a spoke like, long circular triangular sort of quilt to try and work out how to do it but there wasn't. 

My favourite were the tiny hexagon and square quilts - another I'd like to make out of Liberty lawn fabric. I did buy some Liberty scraps but came away pretty empty handed and pleased that I hadn't bought fabric on a whim! 
It occurred to me looking up close to some of the quilts, especially the tiny pieced ones, that the fabrics used were sometimes just a bit... well, iffy. Fabric I would never ever buy but I have to confess they worked and looked really good.
One quilt I made a beeline for but as I got nearer I realised it was made of quite awful fabric - yet it worked. Maybe I won't be so snooty to fabrics now!

Beautiful cheesecloth material quilt and tiny framed squares quilt.

Sunday was spent lounging in a friends garden. The week had ended with soaring temperatures and it was just too hot to do anything else although Frank made very tasty Madeleine's with O.
I have two small bush like tomato plants and this week I picked my first crop!

Ted came back after a weekend of camping and kayaking. Their last paddle had ended earlier than expected due to three out of the four of them being stung by hornets while sitting on an old log eating their lunch. Ted was stung in his hair above his ear so very hard to make sure the sting was out. This morning he woke with his eye swollen and a slight temperature but ok in himself (although milking it for all its worth!) He'll probably never sit out to eat again though!

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Gill said...

Glad you enjoyed the FoQ!
Franks's cake looks yummy!