Sunday, 9 September 2012

Borough Market

After a pretty hectic week of back to school, work and various olympic trips the weekend arrived just in time.
Murray and Ted went off kayaking in Wales on Friday leaving Frank and I - again.

Frank and I decided to head over to Borough Market on Saturday morning to stock up on haslet and other goodies that took our fancy. 

It wasn't too crowded at the market, although we were quite early and witnessed eye watering high piles of brownies, meringues and bread before they sold.

I had a near panic as we couldn't find the haslet stall but thankfully on our second stroll round there they were... I bought two, just to be sure, you never know. 
We couldn't help ourselves in Neals Yard Diary, we were after goats cheese and they kindly let us taste a few before finally decided upon Ticklemore and Sleighlett after some considerable thought!
We decided to walk through the back streets to the Thames and make our way to Tate Modern. It wasn't planned, we just thought it was such a lovely day that we really didn't want to head straight home. 
Then we found this!

Multi coloured umbrellas providing shade over tables and chairs of a restaurant - quite stunning!

After a quick dip into Tate Modern and a look along Southbank we headed across the Millennium Bridge to pick up the central line home. On the bridge we noticed the odd padlock fixed to the cables. Frank told me that they were doing this in Paris and that there was a bridge there covered in these 'Love Locks'. 

The couple would write or even engrave their names, a message and/or date on the padlock, which would then be locked onto the bridge and the keys thrown into the river as a romantic act.

Who knew?! 
Well Frank for one!


Thrifty Household said...

bairdMmm haslet- wonderful stuff- I managed to wangle a recipe from my local butcher but haven't quite got round to making it yet...

I'll keep my eyes open for the haslet stall next time we go to Borough market!

Things Hand Made said...

Hmmm, just had to google haslet! Who knew.....

Janine Ellis said...

Love the brolleys & the padlocks!! How lovely x