Monday, 3 September 2012


We had a little holiday in Scotland to see the in-laws last week, it was rather wet. In between the rain we dashed out for long geocache walks, with much complaining by the preteens.

My top down yoke cardi is coming along. The yoke part is complete, all I need to do is work out the body part. After some Ravelry help I'm going to dive in and start and hope it works!

A small job was done by the preteens for a small fee and an extra hour on the Xbox. I asked them to paint my studio room that is being built in the garage, its still waiting for doors to be put in but it needed the ply boards to be primed. They did such an excellent job that it only needs a bit of touching up.

Gill's Angels

We were back at the Olympics twice over the weekend, Friday evening to see the athletics and Sunday to watch Wheelchair Basketball and Goalball. Both amazing to watch, the basketball was fast paced and dangerous, while goalball was quiet so they could hear the ball but even more intense as yelling was not permitted!

This week everything will return to normal... normal? 
What is that? 
It's been so long.
I go back to work before the children return to school. This alone leaves me feeling breathless - not leaving the children but back to work. My heart sinks and misses a beat just thinking about it and then my head whirls and starts putting hurdles in which makes me wonder where I'm heading.
Then logic kicks in and I shrug, see what happens, let it be. It's been so nice catching up with friends, lounging about and getting totally immersed in the Olympics.
A great summer has been had.

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