Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yoke cardi.

My Yoke Cardi is done!
It was a very easy pattern to follow, although at times I worryied if I'd followed the Japanese pattern right and I think I did, although I had some reassuring help from Ravelry! 
My only one issue is the armhole. I love that the yoke creates the top part of it but the pattern called for the body part to rejoin after 6 rows of starting the fronts and back. I think I could have gotten away with half that - if any, as the armhole is a little big for my liking. 
The yarn I used is BlueSky Alpaca Sports weight in a beautiful mustard colour called Dijon. The three buttons I found in my stash of antique buttons. I love it so much I think I might even make another one!

  I actually finished this over a week ago, in fact it could be two, but things happened in the Moss Stitch family that made everything just stop. 
It started with a phone call - you know the sort. The one you probably knew would be coming at some point in your life, then when it does everything implodes and you are not prepared. I wont go into it as its still in the air with uncertainty but basically parents and their health.
Crocheting is keeping me sane!


Things Hand Made said...

Cardigan is lovely but it's sounds like life is a little complicated at the moment. Hope it all resolves well.
Thinking of you.....don't forget to breathe.

inkberryblue said...

I love your cardigan! If you have time, would you be able to post a link to the pattern please. Gorgeous work!

Garden Girl said...

Sorry you're having a tough time with you parents..the cardi is a beauty x