Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 ~ a new year

I'm not really sure how two months has gone by since my last post. Time just whooshed by, I'd thought of posts I'd wanted to do but somehow had lost my drive.
I shall try harder this year!

The best of 2012 
  • Starting my new job as a Learning Support Assistant with the sweetest, gentlest boy ever for just a few hours every morning and fitted nicely around the Art lessons. Still loving teaching Art!
  • Queens Jubilee - we all rejoiced and had a jolly good time even though the weather was typically British it didn't dampen our celebrations.
  • Olympics - Wow! We managed to get tickets to see quite a few events in both the Olympics and Paralympics. We screamed and cheered our country on whether we were there or watching on the sofa. I have never watched so much sport as I did that summer!
  • Crocheting a piece of clothing as opposed to endless scarf/shawls/fingerless gloves etc. Love it so much that I've started another and am itching to start another simpler version and using some more antique buttons that have been waiting to be used.
  • Discovering a local knitting/crochet group that meets in my favourite pub! Yay!
  • Christmas was at home with friends and family. Its how I like it best, no pressure to do much, enjoying just being together and having good food and wine.
  • Lino printing my Christmas cards, I'd been wanting to do some printing for ages and loved every moment of it!

The worst of 2012
  • We had a hosepipe ban then the rain came and didn't stop... it's still raining now! The garden resembles a bog.
  • The sweetest, gentlest boy I worked with suddenly left to return to his home country, 3 days before the end of the summer term. I hadn't realised how much he'd come to mean to me till I heard the news. Such a shame as our 6 months working together had really helped him come along.
  • Giving up my walks due to working. Still really miss them.Although I could now restart them but it won't be the same without Nurse Nancy.
  • Learning the devastating news that my Dad has cancer. Such a blow. We are still in the midst of chemotherapy and it breaks my heart to watch him go through it each time. I wish I could take it for him. He gets so very ill, it's just not fair.
  • Being ill myself. Firstly a cold that left me with no voice for a whole week back in October. Then a stupid cough over Christmas. I don't normally get coughs and this one leaves me gasping for air and choking. With so much coughing I've managed to pull muscles in my rib cage which hurts like hell!
I'm sure there's more to my year than that! But I think it would go on and on!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy 2013.


Things Hand Made said...

wishes for you dad. I noticed that our milk no longer had the christmas tops today, ah well back to work then! I love the christmas cards, show us more of the printing?

Garden Girl said...

I loved my christmas card G, it was my favourite-I would LOVE to have a go at doing something similiar myself.How's your Dad doing now?x