Tuesday, 22 January 2013

new things

I finally finished my second Yoke Cardi, this time in a finer shetland yarn. I realised what went wrong with the armhole on my first one and corrected it, its much better. 

 I'm slightly mad at myself for not realising as the ochre yarn was way more expensive than this inky blue one. Photos are not doing the colour any justice but the photo below is better.
Now that I have finished a project, I need another!
For Christmas I was given 100g of this beautiful BC Garn Semilla organic wool in colour way Relish from a dear friend and I've been pondering on what it might become  since.
Yesterday I started two different shawl patterns from my Japanese books but neither felt right, somehow too holey! I wasn't convinced, nor did I want or need another shawl similar to what I already have.

 What I wanted was a shawl that had a few colours, with different stitches done in bands. I'd seen lots I liked on Ravelry but they were all knitted and I much prefer to crochet. So I decided I'd have to find a suitable crochet pattern and change colour as I went. I found the Ying-hua Shawl - absolutely perfect! The pattern doesn't seem too hard, a bit confusing at times but I'm hoping I can work it out. The other colours that I will do to go with it will be a darker duck egg blue and possibly two strands of finer yarn crocheted together in a light duck egg and a similar colour to Relish. Although not 100% sure - it will evolve! The shawl has flowers crocheted near the edge but I won't be doing those.

 I have around 250g of the inky blue shetland yarn left from the yoke cardi and in my effort to try and use up my endless supply of yarn (I'm sure its multiplying all by itself!) I decided to redo the bobble shawl. I love the shawl but haven't worn it much as it seems too bulky and I'm not convinced the pale dirty pink really suits me... maybe I'll love it more if I dye it? The shetland yarn is quite fine 3/4 ply so I think the pattern will look very different from the first.

So quite a bit to keep me busy... I should really take a look at the tunisian crochet I started a while ago. Maybe I will!

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