Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Piles of Stuff

Maybe it's just this time of year, the rain has stopped, the temperature rose for a bit then dropped down and blue sky has been above. Spring is coming! I like winter but towards the end the greyness becomes a bit too much. I find myself checking the trees everywhere I go to see their bud growth progress! Willing the first bright green leaf to unfold.
empty boxes, bassoon, oil paints, consoles and a big bag of felting stuff living under the piano.
I'm suddenly seeing after all the hunkering down over winter the stuff that has accumulated around the house. Just piles of stuff everywhere.
I start tutting and collecting up these piles of stuff and leave them on the stairs hoping they'll put them away by their owners.

To be quite honest a lot of the stuff is mine, mostly magazines. Around the house in various rooms you will find various piles of magazines, or a gathered collection in a basket. They're even on the bookcase, although these are ones neatly kept and collected.

My spring clean is wading through these piles and dispersing them. The brighter longer days are showing up the cobwebs, the dusty corners and the piles of stuff. Slowly but surely they are being blitzed. And then there's the yarn baskets all 6 of them.

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itsjustperi said...

You can never have too many yarn baskets, although mine happen to be huge boxes x