Sunday, 28 April 2013

This was the week that...

the handle broke off the grinder. No proper coffee all week. Wail. Broken part sourced, bought and replaced - thank goodness for the internet. All is good again.

I cleared and moved stuff around and into my little studio in the garage. The car is full of stuff to go to school, charity and friends. Old table legs were painted and  now waiting for a top to go on.

A new batch of beer is being brewed, it bubbled and gurgled away while I was in the garage.

I emailed various place to see if its worth trying to sort the slightly rusty Singer embroidery machine. I fear it will be most costly. Do I dare to oil and turn it on to see what happens?! 
No one has got back to me so maybe not then!

I finished a sock in a week and started the second! Go me!

I felt guilty about said sock so dug out the abandoned poncho (still not happy using that word) and got beyond the difficult part which was probably why I abandoned it and actually wasn't that difficult for that matter.

I got in touch with some miniature schnauzer breeders - and have put my name down for a little girl. But won't know for sure if I have one until they are born at the end of May. Excited doesn't come close to how I feel!

A family day out in London to see the George Bellows exhibition and the Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy. We bought a beautiful seascape print. 

The camellia has started to flower in the front garden.

Ted started training for the Redbridge Youth Games.

There are no more daffs to be bought. I bought some bright yellow daisy like chrysanths instead but its not the same.

Ollie Cat is still doing a lot of this.

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Things Hand Made said...

just realised that we havent heard from you for a while. I HOPE the week did not get any worse!
keep well